About Me

Me and Juventus, Storia di un grande amore.

Two decades back, mother had introduced me to Juventus and Alessandro Del Piero. Juventus has been part of my life ever since, I am a forever die-hard fan of Juventus, through the entire ups and downs journey.

I remember vividly when Del Piero injured in November 1998 during Serie A Games against Udinese. It was an extremely heart broken incident for a 10 year old fan. I fake injured myself, wrapped one foot with toilet paper roll and tried to feel the same pain my hero had to suffer.

I can say that I’m a proud fan. I have two full wardrobes of jerseys collection, a member of Juventus Official Fan Club Singapore and J1897 membership, have met some awesome players of Juventus in person, have travelled couple of times to Turin and celebrated the Scudetto with other fans from all over the world.

The “new” Juventus is an advanced breakthrough. We will get the UCL Throphy soon. It’s not a dream it is our destiny!

Uno di Noi. Juventino per sempre!


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