JUVENTUS HISTORY : 1947 – 1973

Juventus resumed their success after WWII. In 1947, Giovanni Agnelli, son of Edoardo, who tragically died in a plane crash in 1935, became president.


The club’s most heralded champions were now Carlo Parola, Danes John Hansen and Praest and, above all Giampiero Boniperti. Cheered on by crowds of fans, they won the Italian Championship in 1950 and 1952.

In 1953, Giovanni Agnelli resigned as president, which was passed onto his brother Umberto Agnelli two years later.


A new triumphant cycle was beginning: with the arrival of Omar Sivori and John Charles, the Bianconeri won the Italian Championship in 1958, allowing them to wear a star on their jerseys for having obtained ten national titles.

In the 60s there were three more successes, the last in 1967 under Vittorio Catella’s presidency. Juventus’ history was to become even more glorious at the dawn of the new decade.


Giampiero Boniperti had hung up his boots, but he continued to lead the team: he became the President in July 1971 and there was no stopping Juventus.

The Boniperti era started with a bang by winning two championships in a row, the 1971/1972 and 1972/1973 seasons.

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