JUVENTUS HISTORY : 2006 – 2007

Towards the end of the 2005/2006 season, the club was involved in a judicial enquiry, originating from recorded telephone calls. The matter, known as “Calciopoli” brought about major changes within the club, with the election of a new Chairman, Giovanni Cobolli Gigli and CEO, Jean-Claude Blanc. Juventus was sentenced by the sporting body to play a season in Serie B and penalised nine points and the two previous Championship victories were revoked. Didier Deschamps was the new manager who began his mission with a core of champions: Del Piero, Buffon and Camoranesi, coming from Italy’s World Cup victory in Berlin as well as Trezeguet and Nedved.


15 December 2006 was a sad date in Juventus’ history, two boys from the Beretti team, Alessio Ferramosca and Riccardo Neri, died in a tragic accident at the Juventus Training Center in Vinovo. With a deep sadness engulfing the club, the team returned to the field the following week and beat Bologna, a decisive victory for returning to Serie A, and one that was dedicated to the memory of the two boys. Alex del Piero finished the season as the top scorer in Serie B and broke the all-time Juventus record for scored goals.

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